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Smoke Alarm & Safety Switch Inspections

A comprehensive smoke alarm and safety switch inspection program, tailor made for South Australian residential rental properties. Giving Landlords and Property Managers piece of mind.

Our local electricians will promptly and professionally service your rental properties each year at an affordable price. Rest easy knowing that all work is being completed by an ELECTRICIAN and not a TECHNICIAN.

Your Legal Obligations as a Landlord or Property Manager In SA

In South Australia, the installation and testing of smoke alarms is governed by State and Federal legislation. A Landlord who does not comply with the relevant legislation is guilty of an offence. Property managers and Landlords alike should be aware of their legal requirements with regards to smoke alarm inspection. Becoming compliant is an easy process, and in most cases, compliance can be a simple battery change away.


Types of Smoke Alarms Required

In a residential home, the type of smoke alarm that is required depends on when the home was build and/or purchased.


  • For residential rental properties purchased on or after 1 February 1998, 240v, mains powered or 10-year life, non-replaceable, non-removable, permanently connected battery powered smoke alarms, are required.
  • For homes or residential rental properties built on or after the 1st of January 1995 the Building Code of Australia (BCA) specifies that 240 volt, mains powered smoke alarms only are to be installed. Alarms must be installed within these properties and no exception is permitted.



The Building Code of Australia (BCA) specifies that smoke alarms must be installed.


Australian Standard 3786:2015 specifies the construction and requirement for a compliant smoke alarm.


The Development Act 1993 requires smoke alarms must be installed on every storey, they must be located between each part of the dwelling containing bedrooms and the remainder of the dwelling. Smoke alarms must also be installed in any hallway leading to the bedrooms. Landlords must comply with legislation in all residential rental properties including detached houses, villa units, sole occupancy units, guest houses and hostels.


So How Can Dyno Help With Smoke Alarm Compliance?

Dyno Electric now provides an annual service for the inspection of smoke alarms and safety switches to protect landlords, their investments and their tenants. And the best part? We’re local!


As we are Licensed Electricians, whilst we are on site, we can also test the property’s safety switches in accordance with Australian Standards. In South Australia, it is mandatory to install safety switches in all new domestic premises and in buildings where electrical circuits are altered or added.


Landlords have a duty-of-care for their tenants and the South Australian Government states that safety switches should also be tested once per year. Safety switches provide protection against injuries caused by electricity.


Many of the fatalities caused by electricity could be prevented by installing a safety switch. Many older homes may not be protected by safety switches.


Failure to take the proper precautions to protect the safety of your tenants may result in the dismissal of insurance claims for damage, personal injury or loss of life.


Failure to comply with the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards may result in a $750 fine.


Smoke Alarm Service & Inspection

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